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Notre charte qualité

Notre charte qualité


The detailed description of each of our products (accomodations or packaged stay) is much more complete than the mandatory legal notices. You can therefore accumulate a multitude of criteria to specify your choice with the help of our search engine of refning (>>>situated on the left part of our pages in answer to your request).


The optional subscription of a cancellation insurance / interruption of stay is systematically proposed to you with a contract sent by the reservation service. Do not neglet it. A serious difficulty can always arise (disease, accident, redundancy, transfer, fire, explosion, serious event) and the only way not to have to pay cancellation fees is the prevent the risk at a lower cost.

Contact us from your country at 00 33 490 85 45 00

NB : The vacation insurance is mandatory

Make sure you have well dated and signed the contract, with the heading of « Gites de France », for the contracts sent by owners making their reservations directly, or LVP Reservations, before sending back the copy meant for the seller, with your payment.

The respect of the time limits is also important and the seller reserves the right not to keep the option if your confirmation is not arrived in time.

NB : the reservation online on uor websites allows you to take benefit of the LCEN (Law for the Confidence in the Numeric Economy) which consists in the dematerialisation of the exchanges of papers (a good thing for the planet), besides, you can at any moment access to you client account.

It’s important to contact your  minimum 48 hours before your arrival to arrange with him the terms of reception (time and exact place for the meeting, preparation of possible options like, for a rental, the renting of sheets, the fee for house cleaning, and for a guestroom, the diner in Table d’*Hotes). For your comfort, several owners holding the label « gites de France » accept the payment by « cheques vacances » or « cheques cadeaux ». For more security, they must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of reception.


The confirmation of the final payment (reservation service) or the copy of the contract (reservation directly with the owner) are the voucher to be presented at your arrival as proof of payment. Then, the keys of the lodging will be given to you.

For the self catering gite, an inventory of fixtures will be done and the security deposit given at your entrance in the gite (the amount is given on the back of this document). The tenant and the owner of the gite will proceed together at the water and electric meters reading at the beginning and at the end of the stay. The bill will be made according to the consumption noticed by the 2 parts, with deduction of the fees included in the contract.

NB : for the guestrooms, those charges are included in the price.

Your stay is placed under the sign of friendliness, this one will show islef, first of all, by a personalized reception (cool drinks, flowers, regional wine bottle).


When you choose to stay in an accomodation approved by the Gites de France du Vaucluse and marketed by LVP Reservations, you show your interest for a mode of holidays, which grants a wide place to the lifestyle, the authenticity and the meeting of the local population ; know thus to respect her by accepting her traditions, her practices and her customs ; It’s from these exchanges that will arise your best holidays memories.

For any inconvenience (uncomplete crockery, breackdown of electrical appliances), thank you to contact the owner first in order to have a quick solution.

For the rental marketed by the reservation service, LVP Reservations is at your disposal the Saturday of your arrival, from 4 pm to 8 pm to give you all the help you should need.


The inventory of fixtures at your departure :

For the self-catering gite : you have found a cleaned accomodation at your arrival. Make sure that it will be in the same when you will give the keys back. The option of a house cleaning at the end of your stay is propose to you in order to facilitate your departure ; ask the owner at the beginning of your stay.

For the guestroom : the daily cleaning is made by the owner. However, any degradation give rise to repair.

The return of the deposit :

For the self-catering gite : After having recorded the good state of the accomodation, the owner will give you back the security deposit when the inventory of fixtures will be done with the tenant. If the tenant can’t be present, the owner has the right to proceed alone to the usual checks and to give back the security deposit within 8 days, after having deducted the amount of eventual reparation which could be necessary.

For the guestroom : no security deposit in that case


We pay a lot of attention to the appreciation you give on your stay (see our charter « customer reviews » ici. In order to always answer to your expectations, we take note of the informations you would communicate us. A customer satisfaction survey will be automatically sent to you by e-mail. Our General Conditions of Use of the customer reviews are published ici.

The Gites de France du Vaucluse and LVP Reservations are at your disposal to provide you the receipted bill or the certificate of stay which will permit you to obtain a bearing of the costs, total or partial, by diverse organizations (works council, family allowance office). Send us your formular to fill with a signed copy of your rental contract, at your return at home.


The team of Gîtes de France du Vaucluse and LVP Reservations

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